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Dry Ice Blasting / Cleaning is a non-destructive and safe method of cleaning and coating removal.  It uses chemically inert, non-conductive dry ice pellets (called Mic-Rice).  The mic rice form of dry ice has no sharp edges to cut the skin of the operator and is FDA grade for purity.  The system is a dry process and can be used around electrical equipment.  There are no chemicals, no secondary abrasives, no heat, no high pressure liquids, no secondary waste.

Dry Ice Cleaning is environmentally safe.  This process does not contribute new CO2 to the atmosphere.  The CO2 gases used in the cleaning process is a natural process and is recyclable. It has been approved for use by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Decrease the downtime of your machinery.  Enhance Productivity & Time Efficiency - dry ice blasting is  non-additive and dry.  No additional down time for disassembly, cooling or masking is required prior to starting the actual cleaning.

Reduce Worker Risk - the dry ice pellet vaporizes back into the atmosphere thereby eliminating the worker health hazards of toxic or silicosis inhalation  which can occur during conventional chemical cleaning or sand blasting.