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Any small, well-insulated container (ice chest can be used).  Additional insulation can be achieved by using layers of newspaper under, over and around dry ice. Dry ice is a compressed gas, the less air movement around the product, the slower it will evaporate (sublimate).  Dry ice placed in direct contact in a plastic cooler will crack the plastic and thus the ice chest will leak.    Always use gloves to handle dry ice.  Do not place dry ice in a sealed container due to risk of gas build up and explosion.

nojar3.gif (3029 bytes)no sealed containers        Noto1.gif (2790 bytes)no touch / bare hands

Caution:  Dry Ice temperature is -109F.   Wear gloves at all times.  If dry ice comes into contact with bare skin, it will burn you.   Injury is a thermal burn similar to a 1st or 2nd  degree burn.

"Estimate" Effective Cooling Time of Dry Ice:    5 lbs. =  18 hrs   10 hrs. = 30 hrs                         ice placed in an insulated container - kept closed at all times,  out of direct sun.

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Place a small amount of dry ice in warm~~hot water.  Container can be either metal or plastic.  As the water cools, the misting or bubbling will slow.  The warmer the liquid the more mist.  The mist will naturally flow downwards as it is water vapor. Confine the dry ice to the bowl, do not allow any to be served or in any way touch the skin, lips, etc.

Always use gloves to handle dry ice.  DO NOT TOUCH dry ice with your bare hands.


FOG.GIF (4514 bytes)Creating FOG with Dry ICE

Fill a plastic bucket (pail, metal bowl, etc) approx. 1/2 full with hot water.   Add a small amount (1 inch by 2 inch) piece of dry ice.  Fog will be created and will travel down to the floor or ground.  If the water is still warm--to--hot, add additional ice if the fog/misting has slowed.  If the water is cool to touch, change the water (to warm/hot) and then add additional ice.  Typically the hotter the water, the more fog that will be created, however the faster the dry ice will be used. How much ice does it take to make mist for a small room ? Our experience has shown that using 2 1/2 gallons of water with a purchase of 5 pounds of dry ice (added to water in small amounts)   will provide mist/fog in a room 8x10 for approx. 30 minutes.  This is a rough guideline, as it is related to the temperature of the water, the amount of water, the amount of ice used and the dewpoint of air on any given day, doors open vs. closed, ac or fans on/off.   

Home Applications / 

Tile & Linoleum Removal:  Place dry ice direct on the floor, the glue underneath freezes, the tile releases, and is removed easily.   

Home Freezing:  Dry ice will provide quick flash freezing for garden items, seafood's, etc.....the flavor of food is often found to be enhanced with this flash freezing method.   

Car Dings (Small Dents):  By holding a very small amount of dry ice against the dent, it can reduce the dent without chipping or cracking the paint - this works only on small dings.  Care must be taken in the amount of ice used and the length of time that you apply the ice.     

 Travel / Air:  Most airlines will allow items to be transported on a limited amount of dry ice (generally 5 pounds or less), items must be label; please contact your individual airlines for their requirement prior to arriving at the airport to avoid being disappointed if their regulations have changed.  In this time of post 9/11, please contact your local airlines for current regulations