DRY  ICE:  Blasting / Cleaning

 Cleaning with Dry Ice is the environmentally safe, no secondary waster cleaning system in use by many.  If something can be cleaned with sand blasting, shot blasting, soap and water  and/or brushed methods, it generally can be cleaned using the dry ice blasting method.

The Advantages of cleaning with DRY ice includes:  NO secondary Waste, Compact, Easily Portable, Easily Adjustable, Safte for Equipment, Environmentally acceptable, meets EPA, USDA or FDA guidelines for cleaning.


Family owned and operated, Arctic Ice Company, LTD offers you the benefits of a company that has hands on management which can provide you with personal attention.  Weither your needs are for blasting / cleaning, cooling with dry ice, freezing items (cyro-freezing), OR your needs are for regular (wet) ice feel free to contact use.  We have been involved in the wet ice business for 40+ years and the dry ice business for over 12 years and we believe in staying on the cutting edge of technology.

We can sell you a blaster, we can sell you the ice, we can share with you our expierence in this developing field.

Contact Information:

Telephone:      251-471-3583                         FAX:   251-478-1188

Postal address:    3441 Georgia Pacific Ave,   Mobile,  Alabama  36617

Electronic mail:   Brent Haller          BH@icedry.com


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