Ice during Hurricanes
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DRY Ice:  Availability for Storm Usage:

    Dry ice is available for both retail and wholesale.  During active storms, ice distribution is handled on a current customers basis, and than afterwards is done on first come-first serve. The manufacture has advised us that during active storms there will be a twenty-five (25) percent price increase, which will be passed along.   During this time we can be contacted via  e-mail or regular phone service                      ( 251- 471-3583), if you anticipate having a special need.

How to keep food from spoiling when electric goes out:

Before the storm:

    ~Set the freeze control to the lowest possible setting

    ~If you freezer is only partial full, you can fill it full with ice.  Fill empty, clean, plastic soda bottles with water (leave enough room at the top for the ice to expand) and freeze the water.  These homemade blocks of ice can stay in your freezer for months OR you can purchase bagged ice before the storm hits as availability after the storm can at times be somewhat limited.

When the power goes out:

    ~If the power fails, do not open the freezer.  Cover the freezer with blankets.  The blankets help to serve as insulation.  Pin the blanket away from the air vent, in case the electricity comes on early.

    ~If in doubt from how long the power will be out, you can use dry ice in your     freezer to save your food items. General rule of thumb is -- 2 lb. of dry ice in a freezer to every cubic foot of freezer space.  50 pounds of dry ice should keep the temperature in a full 20 cubic freezer below freezing for 2--4 days.  This recipe for the amount of ice needed, is a general recommendation and not a guarantee, as conditions do vary. The dry ice should be placed on top of food items (as cold goes down). Dry ice should be placed on cardboard or on a paper bag.   Be sure to wear gloves to protect your hands from dry ice burns.     

     Cost of dry ice varies from area to area -- common retail price ranged from $ .55 to  $2.00 per pound, for small amounts - ie. 5 pounds.  when Ice is purchased in large amounts --- 100 pounds or more some suppliers will give a volume discount. Check with your local supplier....
When the power comes back on

    ~If you find foods in a partially thawed state you may be able to refreeze it.  Meat & Poultry can be refrozen if the freezer temperature, never exceeded  40F, (got warmer than)  and the color and odor of the food items are still good.

            The best advice: " If in doubt, throw it out."